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The rise of information and communication technology over the years has made the e-governance initiative common in most of countries. It enables government departments to function in a more efficient and transparent manner. But still it is an evolving concept & practice due to various challenges in its implementation including :

Rapid technological change

Privacy and security concerns

Scale complexity

Legislative and regulatory barriers

Internal challenges to e–governments are implementation

Technological infrastructure across to the region

We at Gatistavam understand that E-government should be value-driven and not only technology-driven. Our highly inter-operable and scalable solution provides tools to strengthen governance and make development efforts more effective by increasing efficiency and transparency in government functionality which includes following several departments :

Public Information : Employment Exchange Registration, Examination Results, Employment Opportunities, Hospitals / Services / Beds Availability, Charitable Trusts, Government Forms, Government Notifications, Government Schemes

Public Services : Electricity, Water, Ration Card, Telephone, Sanitation, Public Transport, Police (FIR Registration, Lost & Found, GPS etc)

Rural & Agriculture Sector : Below Poverty Line (BPL)/APL(Above poverty line) Records, Land Records, Seeds Information, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Crop disease, Market Price, Weather Forecast - short range / District wise

Social Services : Pensions (Employee, Widows, old Age, Handicapped etc), Registration of Licenses and Certificates, Acquisition/ Rehabilitation & Compensation, Registration of Documents etc.

Commercial : Income Tax, Taxation & Return Filing, Corporate Tax, Custom Duty, Central / State Excise Duty, Sales Tax, House Tax, Property Tax, Road Tax, Company Returns etc.

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