• Multiple domain expertise
  • Highly experienced team
  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
  • Full time project manager at no cost
  • Good infrastructure to support the staff
  • Best Product Development model
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Our approach to Software Product development support ensures you have complete control of your product. We prioritize core values and uniqueness while managing time, cost, and quality. Our process allows flexibility in team size based on the Product Lifecycle and business goals.


Product Development

Since the beginning, Gatistavam has excelled at building products. Our product development model is built on owning your vision from day one for cost-effective, high-quality software products.

Gatistavam’s Product Development and Lifecycle

Product Visualization

Product Designing

Product Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

Product Deployment

Lifecycle Management

We have developed various products for different sectors, assembling teams of domain, industry, and technology experts. We guide clients on technology and domain issues, helping them implement industry-standard solutions.

Product Support and Lifecycle Management

Support services are crucial for products to maintain their unique edge in the market. With increasingly complex software systems, support costs have risen. Extending support contracts and technical support adds value and enhances a product's lifespan.

Our management of Product Lifecycle and support sets us apart and ensures customer satisfaction and product success.

Product Life Cycle Management Phases

Product upgrades, technology enhancements, and fixes are done through version upgrades or new product releases. This includes the following:

Product Re-engineering

We upgrade products by adapting them to new technologies or platforms. This is one of our core services, where we efficiently execute reengineering projects.

Product Upgrades

Software products need continuous improvements based on user feedback, market changes, and sales requirements. Gatistavam offers outsourced product support and development to keep products up to date and cost-effective.

Product Development Support & Maintenance

Continuous maintenance and support are essential for product success. Gatistavam provides a cost-effective solution to reduce maintenance costs and ensure ongoing quality.

For products we manage, we maintain the source code and troubleshoot issues. For products developed or maintained by Gatistavam, we offer technical support to the client's product team and end-users.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We offer QA and testing services as an outsourced service, working in coordination with your development team. Our services include:

Plan & Setup

This phase involves creating a plan, developing test cases, and setting up the testing environment. We ensure your product is thoroughly tested.

QA & Testing

We perform comprehensive testing, covering functionality, compatibility, multi-tier, regression, and interoperability testing to ensure your product works as expected.

Performance Testing

We evaluate your product's performance under different conditions, including load, stress, scalability, and capacity testing, to ensure it can handle real-world demands.

Usability Testing

We simulate user scenarios to test your product's usability, including its user interface, workflow, and responsiveness. Our services cover Whitebox / Blackbox testing, test automation, and the use of various testing tools.

Product Enhancements

We systematically upgrade your product by adding new features or interfaces, such as web interfaces. We help you incorporate new technologies into your products for continuous improvement.