• Multiple domain expertise
  • Highly experienced team
  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
  • Full time project manager at no cost
  • Good infrastructure to support the staff
  • Best Product Development model
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Our model of Software Product development support ensures that you are completely aware and full control of the product. We ensure that when a product is being development, its core values and USP is not lost while keeping time, cost and quality at paramount importance. Our process allows you quickly ramp up and down teams developing the product depending upon the Product Lifecycle and business objectives.


Product Development

Since its inception Gatistavam has strived and perfected the art of building a product. Gatistavam model for developing your product is to own up your vision from the day one to ensure its success. Our product development model delivers cost-effective and high quality Software Product to product companies globally.

Gatistavam’s product development offering and lifecycle

Product Visualization

Product Designing

Product Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

Product Deployment

Lifecycle Management

We have developed a range of products for the various sectors in the product space mode by putting together a team of domain, industry and technology experts. We have been able to guide the clients on technology and domain related issues helping client to implement industry standard solutions.

Product Support and Lifecycle Management

Support services are critical to the success of products and services to ensure they maintain their unique selling proposition in the market. With an ever increasing complexity of software systems and overall technical eco-system, the cost of administering customers and support has increased.

Product Companies see a great value entering into extending support contracts and technical support as this increase the life of a product by continuously adding features and enhancing the product as per the market demands. Our management of Product Lifecycle and support has led to Gatistavam being a major differentiator over its competitors and ensured that our customers are far more satisfied and their Product’s role drastically increase.

Product Life Cycle Management Phases

Product feature enhancements, technology enhancement, fixes and tuning activities are accomplished by packaging these changes via version upgrades or new products releases. This includes the following

Product Re-engineering

Technology upgrades, migration/porting to newer or alternate platforms/OS are conducted as part of product reengineering. Product Reengineering has been Gatistavam’s primary service offering. The vast experience has helped Gatistavam develop a streamlined process to execute reengineering projects efficiently.

Product Upgrades

Software products require continuous enhancements and fixes based on real-world feedback. This is a continuous cycle that requires a dedicated team to implement changes based on user feedback, market changes and sales requirements. Gatistavam helps product managers by offering an outsourced product support and development team that works closely with the product team to maintain and upgrade products in a planned manner while bringing down the cost tremendously.

Product Development Support & Maintenance

Ongoing source-code maintenance and support is critical to the success of any product. However, very few companies can afford a dedicated team for such activities. Gatistavam provides a cost-effective solution to help software firms reduce their product maintenance and support costs while ensure continued ongoing quality to ensure the continued success of the product. These services are offered as annual or quarterly service contracts.

For software products managed Gatistavam maintains the source code; trouble shoots and maintains the product.

For products developed or maintained by Gatistavam, technical support is offered to the client’s product team. User technical support is also available and evaluated based on user base and requirements. For enterprises, MIS support teams are available who can be hired for user support.

Quality Assurance & Testing

In addition to being a critical part of the software product lifecycle Gatistavam offers QA and testing services as an outsourced service where Gatistavam’s QA team can work in coordination with your software development team. Offerings include

Plan & Setup

Includes developing a QA strategy and plan, creating test plans & test cases and test environment planning & setup

QA & Testing

Involves a comprehensive set of services including functionality, compatibility, multi-tier, regression and interoperability testing.

Performance Testing

Load & Stress, Scalability and Capacity testing under required conditions.

Usability Testing

Simulating user environments and usage scenarios to ensure usability; user interface, work-flow/navigation, responsiveness. Gatistavam’s service portfolio includes Whitebox / Blackbox testing, Test automation/scripts and use of various test automation and bug/modification tracking tools.

Product Enhancements

Gatistavam can systematically perform feature upgrades for your product. Add functionality to the product or add newer interfaces such as Web interfaces. Clients can benefit from the processes for systematically scanning and evaluating new technologies and incorporating these into their products.