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  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
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Mechanical Design Consulting and Architectural Services

The Global Manufacturing & Engineering industry has been facing tough & serious challenges for the past several years. The recent global financial crisis has been rubbed its wound even more. The most demanding industry considering as “ Powerhouse of many economies” is at its low of all time.

We understand today’s challenging global Manufacturing & Engineering marketplace in which you complete, where you need to synchronize your operational processes as well as accelerating the product innovation. We recognize your need to leverage the availability resources around you while ensuring that the right capability is in the right place at the right time.

Our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise provide the solutions to the Manufacturers to be more innovative, productivity, increase operational efficiency, compete globally, profitability, and expand & market their products to emerging markets worldwide.

Our broad spectrum of reliably high performing customized solution, which will be not only ease the pressure to reduce costs and the need to effectively manage a complex supply chain but will also provide the platform to build the loyal & ever-increasing customer based, consists of following :

Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Operations of Management solution

Plant Management Solution

Management Solution of Product Lifecycle

RFID-based Solutions

Just-in-Time (JIT) Solutions

Quality Assurance & Compliance Software

Shipping, Mailing, and Logistics Software

Supplier Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Management Solution

Web Application Software

Customers Relationship Management Solution (CRM)

Business Process Management

Bar Code Software

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