• Multiple domain expertise
  • Highly experienced team
  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
  • Full time project manager at no cost
  • Good infrastructure to support the staff
  • Best Product Development model
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We bring speed, flexibility and scalability above all technological excellence to the doorstep of our client by setting up extension of their technology teams at our offshore software development facility. We have worked for small to medium product companies offering them end to end services from Business Plans, Market Research, Design and Architecture, Development strategy, full Testing, Integration, Maintenance, Modification and Optimization with Tech support to Creative’s for promotion. product development and support model delivers highly efficient, cost effective and high quality Software Product to product companies globally

It is important that customer look at Gatistavam to support their Products right from the stage of conceptualization to products release and further enhancement to create sustainable business advantage over competition considering the changing market scenario. all products developed are done in a Dedicated Offshore Development Center where in a team is jointly identified to carry out requirement analysis, design, development, testing and frequently release. This allows customer to achieve long term relationship and get benefits as the knowledge base in the team working continuously on the project ensures in optimizing the efforts hence ensuring you to concentrate more on the overall Go to market strategy of the product and reduce the pressures of time-to market.

Gatistavam’s association with their clients includes

Associating ourselves either associating ourselves in advanced stages or right from the scratch of development to enable faster time to market turnarounds

Senior Product expert are involved at the product conception stage to advise on functional aspects and architectural considerations of the product in accordance industry requirements

Jointly bid with customer for creating many solutions for the prospective market of the customer

technical support and Maintenance teams to maintain your product and handle technical and functional queries enabling you to focus on marketing the same and create more revenues and enhance

It is important in any Product Development to understand its core objective. Gatistavam’s product development team excels in not only preserving these objective while developing them but also ensure it adds value to the overall product functionality with their vast amount of experience. We also ensure that while we doing this time, cost and quality are kept in under control. Our Product development process allows customer to quickly ramp up or down teams developing the product depending upon the Product Life cycle and business needs.

Gatistavam’s product development offering and life cycle

Product Visualization

Product Designing

Product Development

Testing and Quality Assurance

Product Deployment

Life cycle Management :

  • Product Re engineering
  • Product Upgrades