• Multiple domain expertise
  • Highly experienced team
  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
  • Full time project manager at no cost
  • Good infrastructure to support the staff
  • Best Product Development model
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Gatistavam understands the anxiety one would go through before making someone else privy to the ideas and concepts that have been nurtured and evolved over a period of time. We believe in the ethical conduct of business and consider protecting the vital classified information received from client and built in to the project sacrosanct. We believe in providing a security and confidentiality at all levels of vulnerability.

We understand that information security is a key concern area for clients and imperative for successful cooperation between organizations. At Gatistavam we have defined and strictly adhere to security policies defined for employees, consultants, temporaries, contractors and other workers.

Among our security policies following ones are the most important : Security & Confidentiality

IPR Protection

Gatistavam respects the IPR of the product/solution being developed, conceptualized, designed, supported, maintained and enhanced by it. Hence, unless otherwise it mutually agreed upon and pursuant to the business model undertaken, all materials are produced by Gatistavam in the course of project execution, e.g. software, data structures, documentation, design options, source code, etc., fully belong to the client.

On contract termination, all material will be transferred to the clients, and after the confirmation of the successful receipt, all electronics copies of this data will be purged unless instructed otherwise by the client.


Company NDA : We ensure very high-level protection of the data received from our Customers while executing their orders. We will sign the NDA with the clients in a mutually agreed format.

Employee NDA : Gatistavam requires each of its employees to sign a very strict contract and preventing disclosure of any information.

Network security

We recommend using a VPN connection to transfer data to and from our Offshore Development Center. This ensures the security in a transportation of data. We will also make a sure that the network used by a product team is independent of the rest of the Gatistavam computing network to avoid any internal leakages.

Document security

All the electronic material is protected by access level password. Even, the printed physical copies of such material are secured and not allowed out of the facility.