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In today's business landscape, the need for mobility within enterprises is undeniable. Windows Mobile Application Development Company offers a combination of the robustness of the Microsoft platform and the lightweight nature of Compact Edition (CE) to enable the efficient utilization of available resources. This is where .NET Compact Framework (CF) comes into play, allowing the development of robust and flexible .NET applications that seamlessly integrate with enterprise solutions built using .NET or other technologies.

At Gatistavam, we bring years of experience to the table in developing Microsoft mobile solutions. Our focus is on delivering mobility with the utmost robustness. We have successfully created and delivered cutting-edge mobile solutions that provide tangible value to the enterprise solutions we build. Our mobile solutions span a wide range of applications, from material tracking to fleet management solutions.

Aside from our expertise in delivering enterprise mobility, we also specialize in the development of standalone mobile applications across various categories.

Our Microsoft Mobile Tech Team Offers:

Windows Mobile Native Application Development

Incorporating Enterprise Mobility

Developing seamlessly integrated mobile solutions for existing web and enterprise solutions

Independent Windows Mobile Application Development

Testing mobile-compatible applications on Windows Mobile

Usability Analysis and consulting for mobile applications

Extension of .NET applications to mobile using .NET CF

If your organization is seeking to develop a software application in the Microsoft platform to meet both current and long-term needs, our team is eager to provide professional services to help you achieve these objectives.

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