• Multiple domain expertise
  • Highly experienced team
  • Daily, weekly reporting structure
  • Full time project manager at no cost
  • Good infrastructure to support the staff
  • Best Product Development model
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Accelerate Time to Market with Gatistavam Methodology for .NET Software Development

Gatistavam helps customers introduce their products faster in the market in order to gain a competitive edge, by using Methodology for .NET Software Development. Gatistavam employs adaptive best practices and several disciplined project management processes to facilitate streamlined results. Gatistavam Agile project teams focus on delivering working, tested and potentially shippable software on an incremental basis. Agile development is well suited for customers facing unpredictable or rapidly changing requirements. Gatistavam utilizes SCRUM development methods for Agile software development which significantly increases productivity— and better serves today’s competitive requirements.

How it works

Gatistavam assembles a team of 3 – 10 experienced, cross-functional members that includes Scrum Master, Developers and Testers.

Product backlog (Feature Wish list) gets broken into release backlogs which get further broken into sprint backlog.

During each sprint cycle, which is typically 4 – 6 weeks long, team implements the features from the sprint backlog to create potentially marketable increment.

Each sprint follows full software development lifecycle.

Daily Scrum meetings are conducted to discuss the work done since last meeting, work planned till next scrum meeting and obstacles encountered in completing the work.

Lesson learned from each sprint gets applied to the next to make continuous process improvement.


Microsoft Team foundation server (TFS), VSS, CVS, Tortoise SVN for code repository and task assignment

Story Board tools

Collaborative and Transparent Project Management with Microsoft EPM

Cruisecontrol.NET ( for continuous integrations )

TestDriven.NET for unit testing

Code Smith for code refactoring


Improved customer satisfaction by incremental deliveries of working software

Enhanced Visibility into project progress

Provides Agility for addressing the need for frequently changing requirements

Accelerated time to market

Improved Risk Management Capabilities

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