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The mobile marketplace has evolved dramatically in recent years and almost everything is on mobile. Verve has positioned itself well through its core expertise and helps enterprises take advantage of the wireless revolution. We provide services that enable businesses deliver transactions and content through mobile devices and merge these features into their existing content management systems. Verve with its vast experience, has cultivated expertise in designing the efficient interfaces for effective usage of smart phones and tablets.

Our rich expertise in this domain have enabled us to work on platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile for Smart Phones, iPhone, iPad and tablets. Below mentioned also is the capability board depicting the broad spectrum of mobile devices solutions being provided by us.

Some of the solutions and features that we have implemented on the Mobile Solutions domain

Enterprise Mobility Solutions across various industry verticals

Cross Platform Development

Social networking and blogging apps

Business software and solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad & Windows Mobile

Mobile App Testing services

Educational, Medical, Fitness, News and other Utility applications

Communication and messaging apps

Business apps for planning and management

Networking-oriented solutions Peer to Peer, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G

Application like Sales Force Automation, Transportation, Fleet Management, Freight Solution, SMS Campaign Tools etc.

Business software and solutions for iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows Mobile

Legacy Migration of Mobile App

Games and multimedia apps

Financial, Money management, Payment transferring applications

Mobile client software development

Navigation solutions: GPS, Assisted GPS, Cell phone Triangulation, and Maps

Music, Video, Live TV and other entertainment apps

Advertising: corporate, promotional and coupon apps

Migration of web-enabled/Internet solutions to Mobile Platforms and others

Porting web applications to mobile platform

We offer end-to-end Application and Games Development services on the all major platforms to retail and enterprise customers – covering the entire development cycle from concept – development – marketing & promotions – maintenance — up gradation with rich expertise in this segment, and can execute your any and all specific requirement effectively with lower cost and reduced time to market.

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