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At Gatistavam we have a very mature department having its proficiency in offshore flash / flash scripting development. Since last 5 years, we have been actively involved in outsourcing / offshore development of flash based programming, scripting using flash animations and web applications which are dynamic and have content flowing from the database(s) like MS SQL server, MY SQL, XML etc.

With the introduction of web 2.0 technology, increasing access to the faster internet, and demand for the more interactive web based applications, there has always been a need for offshore dynamic application development using flash / flash scripting. The main benefit of creating web applications using flash / flash script or the offshore flex development are that the content is

Gives user the rich experience of web application

Applications can be made more attractive including voice and videos.

Ability to create a applications with real time database content

Break the barriers of hard coded flash files which never changes

Data Security, Content is compiled and hence cannot be copied

Flash / Flash Scripting Development tool

A Considering ourselves as an offshore Flash / Flash scripting / Flex development partners for our counterparts in overseas countries, we are use following tools for Flash / Flash Scripting / Flex Development.





Macromedia flash CS

On Hand Experience with offshore Flex Development / Flash / Flash Scripting

Flash application development with ASP and MS SQL development for a property site in London

Flash Scripting outsourcing work done for a Sports Ticker website

Flash / Database integrations outsourcing work done for a bug sports complex in London

Charts Generation using The MS SQL database using the Flash Scripting programming

Dynamic web application for the theatre / cinema ticket booking system

Dynamic Flash programming for a pictures gallery from MS SQL database

Product Rating system using XML / Flash integration

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